November 28, 2023
, BY
Matt Farmer

Mesh-AI wins AWS Partner of the Year Award

Massive news coming out of AWS re:Invent – Mesh-AI is excited to announce we have been awarded AWS Sustainability Partner of the Year!
This award recognises our commitment to helping our customers meet their sustainability goals while driving innovation through data, AI and AWS solutions.

‍We understand the pivotal role data and AI plays in the race to net zero and have a proven track record in enabling organisations to answer their sustainability challenges. We were selected for this award for our work:

Enabling a highly regulated energy organisation to leverage modern data practices to understand and drive profitability, respond to environmental factors with agility and drive market-wide change through regulatory RFIs and lobbying.

Reimagining regulatory reporting to reduce the required reporting time from 5 days to minutes, and reduce incident risk and frequency, with £MM cost saving implications.

‍Michael Chalmers, CEO at Mesh-AI, said: “I am incredibly proud of Mesh-AI for being named AWS Sustainability Partner of the Year. This award highlights our unwavering dedication to helping our customers achieve their sustainability objectives through the strategic use of data, AI, and AWS technologies. We are truly honoured by AWS’s recognition of our commitment and expertise in delivering innovative solutions for the sustainability challenges of today.”

‍Ben Saunders, Chief Customer Officer at Mesh-AI, said: “We are thrilled to accept the AWS Sustainability Partner of the Year award. Our work in enabling organisations to address their sustainability challenges through data and AI showcases the power of innovation possible when partnering with AWS. We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration in advancing sustainable solutions for our customers.”